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Pertamina-Ministry of BUMN Care for Mental Health through the 1000 People Telling Stories Program

Pertamina-Ministry of BUMN Care for Mental Health through the 1000 People Telling Stories Program
Pertamina dan Kementerian BUMN mengadakan acara 1000 Manusia Bercerita di Balikpapan (Istimewa)

SEAToday.com, Balikpapan - Mental health is one of the concerns of Pertamina and the Ministry of BUMN. This was proven through the 1,000 Human Storytelling Program which was held in Balikpapan, Tuesday (27/2/2024).

The 1,000 People Telling Stories Program is a Ministry of BUMN program that invites 1,000 BUMN workers throughout Indonesia to discuss and carry out various activities to maintain mental health.

"The BUMN Ministry cares about mental health. Then, we created a systematic program like this. Thank you for the participation of all participants, enjoy all the processes. I hope this can make BUMN people mentally cooler," said Special Staff III of the BUMN Ministry, Arya. Sinulingga as reported by the official release.

In the talk show session "Insightful Talk Becoming Human", Pertamina Vice President Corporate Communication Fadjar Djoko Santoso together with public figures Aurelie Moeremans, Adinda Cresheilla and Mindfulness Advisor Hendrick Tanuwidjaja, shared an interactive discussion about maintaining mental health.

Fadjar said that as a company, Pertamina really cares about the mental health of its workers.

"Pertamina as a BUMN is very concerned about mental health issues. In accordance with the direction of the Ministry of BUMN, we must anticipate and overcome these issues," he explained.

Fadjar explained that Pertamina has various programs to maintain mental health. At the Board of Directors and Management level, have insight into understanding the millennial generation and Gen-Z. Vice versa, Pertamina officers have affirmative platforms that support mental health such as consultation and coaching, sports communities, arts communities and others.

"These various programs are a form of company support for workers, so it is hoped that with two-way communication between management and workers, everyone can understand each other so that worker happiness increases and can contribute to work productivity," he said.

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