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TNI-Polri Joint Forces Takes Down Terrorist Group Leader Abubakar Kogoya

TNI-Polri Joint Forces Takes Down Terrorist Group Leader Abubakar Kogoya
Abubakar Kogoya (right) was suspected as one of two KKB shot dead on Thursday (4/4).

SEAToday.com, Jayapura-TNI-Polri joint forces, took down two members of the Mimika terrorist group on Thursday (4/4) around 3 p.m. Eastern Indonesian Time. One of those killed was suspected to be Abubakar Kogoya.

Public Relations Head, Adjunct Senior Commissioner Bayu Suseno, stated that the team had also secured evidence in the form of a Sig Sauer handgun, a magazine, and ammunition.

"The two active terorist group members were declared dead after being executed by the TNi-Polri joint forces around Kali Kabur, Mile 69 Tembagapura District, Mimika Regency."

He added that the law enforcement action against the terrorist group was a swift response from the TNI-Polri joint forces to maintain security in the Papua region.

The shooting was triggered by gunfire in the Mile 69 Area, Kali Kuluk, Tembagapura, which caused local residents to panic and flee towards Utikini.

After the firefight, 2 casualties were found on the Papuan Terrorist Group side, the team also managed to secure evidence in the form of a sig sauer type short barrel firearm along with 1 magazine and ammunition.

"The success of the TNI-Polri joint forces in reducing the strength of the terrorist group this time is part of the effort to maintain security stability for the smooth process of accelerating development in Papua," said Lieutenant General Richard T.H. Tampubolon after the firefight occurred.

Both bodies are in the process of being evacuated from the scene to be secured to Timika. A detailed identification process will be carried out once they arrive in Timika.



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