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AMAN Plants 10,000 Mangroves for Net Zero Goal on World Environment Day 2024

AMAN Plants 10,000 Mangroves for Net Zero Goal on World Environment Day 2024
AMAN Volunteers. (doc.AMAN)

SEAToday.com, Jakarta - In celebration of World Environment Day, held annually on June 5th, Indonesia received a special gift from AMAN Volunteers. They spearheaded the planting of 10,000 mangrove trees along the country's coastline. This action not only commemorates environmental sustainability but also underscores AMAN's commitment as the first Net Zero Organization in the nation.

The theme of World Environment Day 2024 focuses on land restoration, desertification, and drought resilience. One of Indonesia's natural assets closely related to this theme is its mangrove forests, which account for over 20 percent of the global ecosystem.

Mangrove trees, with their strong roots and green leaves, are vital in maintaining coastal ecosystems vulnerable to climate change. Mangrove forests are crucial for coastlines, preventing soil erosion and absorbing and storing carbon and greenhouse gases. Proactive measures like these are not merely symbolic but represent a concrete commitment to a greener and more sustainable future.

"At this moment, we at AMAN Volunteers proudly declare our commitment to becoming Indonesia's first Net Zero Carbon organization," said AMAN Volunteers General Chairman James Karnadi. "The planting of 10,000 mangroves since June 3, 2024, is the initial step in our long journey towards achieving this goal, and we hope to inspire other organizations to sustain the environment for future generations."

This mangrove planting effort is not only part of the World Environment Day celebration on June 5, 2024, but also a tangible and real participation that can inspire efforts to preserve the environment for a better future.

Let's use the momentum of World Environment Day as an inspiration to continue actively preserving our environment. Together, we can create a sustainable positive change for our beloved earth.

Thank you for your attention, and happy World Environment Day!

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