• Saturday, 13 July 2024

Singapore Continues Attempt to Clean Beaches from 400 Tons of Oil Spill Due to Ship Collision

Singapore Continues Attempt to Clean Beaches from 400 Tons of Oil Spill Due to Ship Collision
Bags of oil-covered sand are seen at East Coast Park on Jun 16, 2024, two days after an oil spill at Pasir Panjang Terminal. (CNA/Davina Tham)

SEAToday.com, Singapore - The Singapore government continues to clean up beaches due to a 400-ton oil spill that occurred some time ago due to the collision of two ships. When the process is carried out, many beaches are temporarily closed.

Launching Antara, the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), the National Environment Agency (NEA), the National Parks Council (NParks), and the Sentosa Development Corporation gave a statement.

According to the agencies, the oil spill reached land along the southern coastline including the Sentosa area, Labrador Nature Reserve, South Marina Pier, South Islands, and East Coast Park. The condition of the seawater became blackened.

A number of measures were taken to clean up the oil spill, including deploying oil absorbent pads to protect Berlayer Creek and Rocky Shore in the Labrador Nature Reserve area. In the East Coast Park area oil-absorbent pads were also deployed to protect the mangrove area at Marsh Garden.

Sentosa Beach has reopened to the public but tourist activities in the beach area are temporarily prohibited from swimming at Tanjong, Palawan and Siloso Beach.

The incident had an impact on the community, especially those living in coastal areas. People cannot carry out normal activities. Not to mention the unpleasant smell of oil. Pollution has disrupted tourists and affected Singapore's tourism business.

The cleanup also focused on how to reduce the impact of the oil on the beach, which could affect the surrounding wildlife. Water quality is also predicted to be compromised.

The collision between the Dutch Vox Maxima and the Singaporean bunker ship Marine Honor occurred some time ago. At that time the Marine Honor was parked. Marine Honor is a special ship that serves to refuel other ships.

Suddenly, the Vox Maxima allegedly experienced problems and lost control and steering. This ship crashed into the parked Marine Honor. This caused the oil cargo to rupture and the fuel to leak into the sea.